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Make your Products Sell you want sales, don't you?

Scubbly has a rather uniform presentation for all products. You'll get the same font sizes, same presentation. Scubbly uses a consistent markup for its item pages, in an SEO-optimized way that increases the likelihood of your product ranking well in search enginges. So what can you do to make your product more enticing, and increase sales? Here are some tips:

Lots of Images

It can sometimes be hard to represent a digital file with an image. If the product is a desktop background or screen saver, then no problem! But what if you're selling a device driver, or an audio snippet? Then you need to get creative. Products that have a snappy visual are enticing, and studies have shown that they will make a huge difference to your conversion rate. As a rule, every product you sell should have at least one image to accompany it, or you'll see Scubbly's boring "no image" placeholder.

For products that aren't necessarily visual, here are some ideas:

Screen Shots

If your product is software, a few screen shots of the interface will often convince someone that it's worth buying. Samples of output are also good.

Fake Packaging

A lot of downloadable software is shown using "box" imagery. The buyer isn't stupid - they know they aren't really getting a boxed product - but the imagery of a boxed software package gives your product a professional look.

Book cover

A good book cover sells an e-book. Taking an hour to lay out a nicely typeset cover image makes your product look more professional. A buyer can not gauge the quality of a book before they've read it, but they can immediately gauge the quality of a nicely designed book cover. A good cover tells the buyer that they are not getting a badly formatted pile of unedited text trash. Despite the aphorism suggesting otherwise, a buyer does judge a book by its cover.

Content Previews

"Look Inside" pages showing the Table of Contents or a few sample pages will give your readers a taste of what's inside.

A good description

Buyers can't pick up your product, smell it, squeeze it, or try it on. They are making a decision based only on words and images on their screen. Your sales pitch has to be good! Here are some tips:

Engage the reader

Use language that grabs the reader's attention and pokes at their motivation for buying your product. Identify what the user's need is, and state confidently that your product fulfills that need.

Use Descriptive Words

Is your product fast? Say it's fast. Is it spine-tingling? Say so. Pepper your prose with adjectives; they will tell your potential buyer more about the product.

Use Punchy Statements

Keep your sentences short. Say a lot, using few words. If you read your text aloud, you'll hear its rhythm - try to write in a way that elicits the sharp, vigorous rhythm of a dancable song, not a legato lullaby.

Use Active verbs

Active verbs are better than passive ones. For example, "This software is a malware scanner" is not as good as "This software scans your computer for malware". The two phrases say the same thing; the former describes what the object is, the latter tells what it does. Active verbs are more convincing.

Use Bullet points

You can often say more in bullet points than you can in a paragraph of text. Bullet points are easier to scan, and easier to identify as markable salient concepts pertaining to your product.

Categorization and Tagging

As potential buyers browse and search within Scubbly, they will find products by category or tag. Be sure to put your product in the most appropriate category. If your product doesn't seem to fit in any category, contact us and let us know.